Our raw food is awesome. Don't take our word for it - here's what people are saying about us!

Our dog has been on raw food for the past 2 years now. She is a VERY picky eater and even meats that she likes with one brand, she might not like with another. We had been trying all kinds of brands of raw food but were always a bit concerned with how the food was processed and the parts that were used. With Healthy Paw, we know that the food is the best that our dog needs and wants. She can't get enough of this stuff and is always staring up at me with her puppy dog eyes hoping for more. Not only is the food outstanding, but the service that I got was very personal and they made it so convenient with delivery. Thank you Healthy Paw Foods! - Krystal with Layla
Our dog, Loki, has had tummy issues ever since he was very young...even though we were feeding him high-quality dry kibble. We watched Pet Fooled and realized that even high-quality kibble is not great for your pet and decided to switch to raw. After some research we found Healthy Paw Foods and we'll never go back! Loki has had hardly any tummy issues since we started him on this new diet about a month ago! His fur is so soft now and he seems more balanced in energy and demeanour! Thanks Healthy Paw!! - Cindy with Loki
Can't beat their product and customer service! We started feeding our husky raw lamb because we thought he had food allergies. After looking at a ton of local stores, a few things that were holding us back from sticking to a brand were the high prices and the fact that many recipes were blended proteins or contained uncertain ingredients. What we love about Healthy Paw Foods is the fact that their ingredient list is super short and just the good stuff—strictly meat and veggies—and their cost is unbeatable! It made it easy for us to choose it for an exclusion diet. Rick has also been providing us with the most amazing support since the beginning—from answering questions about feeding our dog raw to making sure we got a last minute delivery in time right before Christmas. He always ensures we're fully satisfied with our orders. I'd 100% recommend ordering your pet's food from Health Paw Foods :) - Tia
I had a wonderful experience working with Tea from Healthy Paw Foods. She made it very easy to understand why raw food is optimal for dogs, but more importantly why kibble is detrimental. Had to make the switch! - Joe Stankas