Healthy Paw Foods will be on site at K&K Pet Foods in Langley! Come meet us and get your free sample of raw dog food.

About Healthy Paw Foods

We’re dedicated to producing the very best raw dog food for our customers, with a focus on their 100% satisfaction, quality nutrition and most affordable cost. Our passion is educating families about their dogs’ nutritional dietary needs. This drives us to put in hard work, commitment and inspiration into raw food diets. We help dogs achieve wellness through providing fully-balanced diets. This is the very best way Healthy Paw Foods can contribute in helping all dogs reach their potential in health and vitality. Our goal is to help you create wellness in order to prevent illness in the lives of your pets. This proactive approach seeks to save pets from unnecessary stress and suffering by identifying and removing health obstacles even before disease occurs.

How to handle raw dog food

Watch this short video to see how simple it is to prepare our raw dog food!