Benefits of Raw

Dogs and cats are better off on a raw food diet than on the commercially-produced ones often seen stacked on supermarket shelves that contain the usual preservatives, chemicals, fillers, or grains. While this may sound weird or different for many dog owners out there, the fact is that there are many long-term benefits a raw diet provides, and this is not limited to selected breeds. Giving all pet dogs or cats the necessary raw foods is more beneficial to them than stuffing them regularly with the commercial foods that are not giving them the necessary nutrients they need. Here are some of the benefits dogs or cats will enjoy when they are on a raw food diet:

  • Weights will improve:

    Not too thin, and certainly not obese. Having a raw food diet will clean up your dog's system and result in leaner and healthier bodies.
  • There will be no need for the regular dental cleanups: 

    Dogs' teeth will be naturally clean on their own with the raw diet and this means no tartar or odor from their mouths. With a raw food diet, their teeth will be stronger and cleaner and any irreversible damage to their teeth and gums like periodontal disease will be prevented.
  • No more diarrhea:

    With commercially-produced foods, dogs are often susceptible to diarrhea because of the additives and unhealthy preservatives that are usually present in these foods. A raw food diet is totally free from all these and that makes it safe and healthier for the dogs.
  • Dogs' immune systems will improve with natural, chemical-free raw food:

    They will be less sick, breathe better, have shiny coats with little or no odour and have longer, healthier lives. They will also produce smaller, less offensive stools. This means less vet visits and more savings for every pet owner as well.
  • Allergies will be totally eliminated:

    Because of the natural anti-oxidants they get from raw food that make them more resistant to allergies. Commercially-produced grains often trigger skin allergies. With a raw food diet, dogs' coats will also have more sheen and natural luster.
  • More energy:

    Dog owners who feed their dogs raw dog food claim that their pets have added energy for eating the raw food. If your dog is suffering from energy issues, you can certainly try this diet.
  • Raw dog food is environmentally friendly: 

    Raw dog food diet is a part of the natural process and ends up back in the ground to rot. Every time we use a can of commercial dog food, we are adding to the global non-biodegradable waste problem. Commercial manufacturing is damaging the earth in the quest for markets and profits. Commercial dog food is one unnecessary market and the product is not the best food for dogs. If enough people made the simple decision to feed their dogs a raw dog food diet, the benefits would be significant, not only for their pet but also for the wider community.
  • For the dog owners, it will mean a whole lot of savings on commercial dog foods

    Because raw food can be sourced out easily from the kitchen, the local butcher shop, or meat and chicken shops that usually have no use for chicken heads or feet, pig's feet, and many other meat and chicken parts that are thrown away but are very good raw food sources for dogs. These can either be asked or bought for a minimal amount.

There are many people asking questions about the benefits of a raw food diet for dogs. Often this is for health reasons, to try and reduce allergies, arthritis or obesity. It makes sense that a dog's natural diet is raw foods, as this is what they ate for hundreds of years. Commercialized dog foods have only been around for about 100 years. Many now include grain-based products. Grains are thought to increase the risk of allergies for dogs. If your dog is having health problems or is overweight, then a raw dog food diet might be worth a trial.