Raw Food Vs. Kibble

Adequate feeding of pets is one of the basic means of showing love and affection to them.

And it is imperative to human-animal bond. There are so many options available to dog owners to feed their canine companions. However, over the last decade, most dog owners who fed their dog with commercially-bought kibble food are now looking for alternatives to their pet's nutrition.

This had led pet owners to face a new heated debate:

Am I feeding my dog correctly? What is the best food to give my pet: kibble or raw food? The debate has been going on with advocates for various dog diets claiming specific ingredients and nutrients are better than others. 

The unfortunate consequences of a commercial kibble diet have are known to most of us - including allergies, arthritis, CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease), tooth decay, and many more. The sad reality is that kibble and most commercial pet food on the market is full of fillers, by-products, unhealthy chemicals, and carcinogenic substances. However, this toxic mix of unnecessary ingredients is still being advertised and sold to pet owners at the expense of their pets' health and for the financial benefit of large pet manufacturing companies. 

So the question for many pet owners who want an adequate and nutritious diet for their dogs is: what's the best option?? Some of the most widely-respected holistic veterinarians - like Dr. Karen Becker and Dr. Barbara Royal - firmly believe that raw dog food (meat & veggies) is the healthiest option.


Kibble is manufactured by exposing the food to immense levels of heat (220-250 degrees Fahrenheit). This destroys any and all nutritional value in the food, so all beneficial enzymes, bacteria, vitamins and nutrients are practically dead. Not only this, but the preservatives and additives in kibble are toxic substances that your pet should not be ingesting. Raw food is exactly what its name implies: RAW. It contains all the necessary, beneficial and healthy nutrients that are used up by the body for maintaining internal balance and repairing inflammation & tissues in the body. There are no additional ingredients in raw food to adulterate its nutrients. 

The challenge many pet owners face is TRANSITIONING from scooping up a cup of ABC Dog Food and tossing it in their pet's bowl, to preparing a balanced, raw and nutritious meal. This problem can be fixed by switching over to a complete, balanced raw diet from one of the raw dog food companies on the market today.

For example, the Healthy Paw Foods diet is made up of completely balanced meals that are ready to be served to your dog. They are made up of 80% meat + bone + organ / 20% fruits + veggies. This makes it easy to feed your dog the most appropriate diet he/she can get! Simply defrost the food and serve.

This debate over what is best for dogs to consume is likely to continue, but the overwhelming positive response of raw diets is evidence enough that it is becoming more and more desirable. And when we look at our pets' ancestral diet, raw food makes the most sense.